Hiya honeys! So I’ve finally done it – made the move to WordPress. I gotta say, much and all as it was kinda intimidating at first, I’m learning my way around and it whoops the butt of Blogger. Sorry, B.

Anyway, I’m writing to you, all my lovely bloggies, from Sydney! If you don’t recall, the last time I was in Syd, I took pitchaz of errrthang I ate. Well, no such luck yet, but I do promise some good visuals in the future!

First up though. If you take a li’l looksee at my About page, you’ll see that I’m deviating from veganism at the moment.Before I get ripped to pieeeeces lemme explain. Ethically I am fo sho in full support of veganism. I plan to return to it in the future because I believe it’s the most morally sound way to live plus the food just tastes the best. However – and I started this blog to have a fresh start without mention of this, so don’t make me say it again – my food affliction has a lot to do with dodging dairy/egg products bc they’re “unhealthy” or “scary”. In the midst of recovery I am of the opinion (and my dietpsyche agrees with me) that I am best off simply listening to what my body wants and giving it exactly that. So if ma body say, “Gimme bux frappuccino!”, I give it the goods regardless of dairy content. However… so far I’ve been very unable to have unvegan things that aren’t heavily disguised, ie. I can eat a food bar with skim milk powder or whey protein in it, but can’t stomach the mere idea of noshing on an egg, or glass of dairy milk. I can do greek yoghurt, I can do toaster waffles, but I can’t even psyche myself into having honey. Body does not want = body does not get. Also let’s make it perfectly clear that body will NEVER want dead animals. Ew. Just, ew.

Now all the srs stuff’s over & done with, I present to you the day’s ettz (minus breakfast because I am sans picture):

I spent the majority of the day at Warringah Mall, just figuring out where everything is, browsing, etc. I’m sure I can say I pissed off more than my fair share of retail workers by being that irritating customer in every shop that is “just browsing” for about half an hour and never buys anything. After all my walking, shopping, and generally being annoying to salespeople across the mall, my tummy was a-rumblin’, and I decided lunch was in order.


Fit for a sumo.

What you see before you is a combination of Sumo Salad’s “Roasted Tomato Chickpea CousCous Salad” and “Lentil Tabbouleh Salad” all mixed round and round together. Kidlets, this was heaven. I’d never had Sumo Salad before, because it always seemed like they had no meat free AND dairy free salads. Given my newly relaxed diet standards, I decided to give the place a shot. Figures that I ended up with a mix of two vegan salads that I’d never even seen at SS before. Lunch was consumed alongside a Diet Coke – a rare occurance, and my stomach was a little pissed off at the carbonation. But I’m a professional, folks. You can bet I rose above it and drank the whole 8.5 fl oz.

After some grocery shopping (read: massive loot, tba in future posts) I decided it was well and truly time to head home. While waiting for a bus I couldn’t resist the siren call of one of my Woolworths purchases…


'Protein Crisps', not 'Politically Correct'

The idea alone of chips + protein = me likey. I totally got my Snackface on… and ate the whole bag. It was a good thing, too, because I ended up needing the energy. Once I hopped on the bus home I realised I had no idea which stop to get off at, what street it was on, or what it looked like. In a mini panic, I pressed the STOP button as soon as I saw a recognisable street name, got off the bus, looked around, and realised I had no idea where I was.

*Insert hot, sweaty, confused half hour walk here.

Due to my canine-like sense of direction sheer luck, I managed to find my way back to my Dad’s house without asking a single person for directions or throwing a small tantrum. All this was also done without iPod assistance, since I’d left it at home, so I had nothing to distract me from the heat of the summer sun. Clever girl.

Once home, I unpacked my grocery goodies and was greeted with a mercifully cold and ridiculously sugary frozen coke.



Sorry for the blurrr cherrypies. I so needed a dozen good long slurrrps of this bad boy, but my tum had totally had it with the coke for the day, so I didn’t end up even close to finishing the cup. You can’t tell in the quality photograph above (cough), but this was a MONSTER of a froze.

When dinnertime rolled around, Fatherbear and Stepmum (henceforth known as Smum) ordered Chinese and bought a chicken. I decided it was impromptu night:


Roughage overload.

Aw homes, you know I loves me my spinach. In the mix: spinny, grape toms, steamed veggie salad from Pure (more on that soon), couscous with herb garlic seasoning, and tempeh bombay bites. Plus gratuitous sprinkle of peppah. For a kitchen sink bowl, it was mighty tasty. I’m loving those bombay bites. Supahhh good, trust.

However, my already irked stomach was downright ANGRY after I polished this off. We’re talkin’ blind rage here, people. Like, “I’m-gonna-rip-you-apart-with-my-bare-hands” angry. Only it felt like my stomach was the one ripping apart. Yeowch. I’m guessing the combo of long walk in hot sun and only being hydrated by soda is not that great.

So now as I type this, I’m lying in bed with a heat pack on my stomach and two glasses beside me: one of H20, one of Staminade. It’s easing off a little, but I’m thinking time will heal this particular wound. And gas. TMI? Uh, yeah. Sorry about that. 

Question: Have you ever had a MONSTER ache come out of absolutely nowhere? Doesn’t have to be a stomach one, but if it was, how did you deal with it?